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Flooring Services, Hendersonville, NC

You can rely on us for all types of flooring services in Hendersonville, including installation, maintenance, and refinishing.

Flooring Services in Hendersonville, North Carolina
If you’re looking for a way to improve the value of your property without having to make a major investment into renovations, consider upgrading the flooring. Replacing outdated floors can transform the overall look and feel of your home or office. With a variety of affordable flooring services and products available, this project can fit into just about any budget. You can also make your home or business look more upscale by replacing the flooring with hardwood or custom tile options.

Changing the flooring might seem like a fairly straightforward task, but it’s actually quite a bit more complicated than many people realize. If your property is in Hendersonville, North Carolina, you can rely on our team at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring for all types of flooring services, including installation, maintenance, and refinishing. Our installation prices are very reasonable, making it a viable option for many customers. Each of our flooring team members has received extensive training in the installation process of various types of flooring materials to ensure that your new floor looks great and stays functional.

Our floor refinishing services are available for hardwood flooring that has seen better days. Hardwood is classic and stylish, but it can become damaged if you drop something heavy on it or you have pets in the home and their nails scratch the surface. Most damage to hardwood floors can be repaired by refinishing the floor completely. We’ll remove the hardwood panels, sand them down, and then apply a clear coating to protect them from further damage. You’ll be left with a beautiful hardwood floor that looks like new again.

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At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring we offer quality flooring services for customers in SwannanoaAsheville, Hendersonville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina!

Professional Flooring Services in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Professional Flooring Services

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