Ceramic Tile Floors, Swannanoa, NC

If you want the very best result possible for your Swannanoa, NC ceramic tile floors, give us a call!

Ceramic Tile Floors, Asheville, NCCeramic Tile Floors in Swannanoa – Did you know that ceramic tile floors are not all the same? Obviously, you know that with so many options, they don’t look the same. But, did you know that there is more to consider when choosing ceramic tile floors that can vastly determine your satisfaction with the result? At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, you gain from our expertise in the flooring industry, so you can be assured of the result you desire. We are more than happy to share our knowledge, so you can avoid the pitfalls that result from making the wrong choices.

  • Material Quality – Ceramic tile floors come in a variety of quality price points. A budget tile may be fine for a low-traffic area, but would not be a good choice elsewhere. The thinner wear layer will not hold up to higher traffic, and you’ll be looking to replace it far earlier than you’d hoped. It is far better to spend a little more per square foot on the material in the first place than pay for tearing it out and installing a new product later. We always consider the actual usage of the tile when providing you with recommendations.
  • Material Size – Ceramic tile comes in various sizes and shapes that can make a big difference in the final result. Using tiles that are too small or too large for a particular area can make the room look distorted in an unflattering way.
  • Layout and Design – There are a number of ways to design ceramic tile floors to look far more luxurious. The use of accent tiles and a unique layout can turn an ordinary project into a glamorous one.
  • Quality Installation – Even the most luxurious tile will look atrocious if not laid by skilled craftsmen using quality setting materials. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

If you want the very best result possible for your ceramic tile floors, give us a call! We have been serving the Swannanoa, NC area for over 35 years, and we’re confident we can exceed your expectations.

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