Hardwood Finishing, Swannanoa, NC

Instead of replacing your damaged hardwood floors in Swannanoa, NC, bring in our professionals for hardwood refinishing.

Hardwood FinishingHardwood Finishing in Swannanoa – As you walk across hardwood flooring every day and place furniture on top of it, you may notice that over time, it will start to look less appealing than it did when you first had it installed. Instead of replacing the hardwood, which is an expensive process, you can simply bring in a professional for hardwood finishing. This involves sanding the floor and using a fresh coat of stain or gloss to help restore it and make it look like new again.

When you choose a stain, make sure to compare it with other furniture and wood pieces in your home. Most stain colors are fairly neutral, but a very dark floor may not look as good in a home with a classic style, since this is a modern look. You should also consider the durability of the stain or gloss coating. High-traffic areas or rooms where you might cause damage to the floor, such as kitchens, may need a thicker coating to keep it protected.

If you aren’t sure what steps to take for hardwood finishing, give us a call at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring to talk about options. We have experience with hardwood and all other types of flooring, so we are happy to schedule an in-home consultation or chat with you in our showroom. We are available to those in Swannanoa, North Carolina and the surrounding area. Our team members will also provide free quotes, so you can consider the options before you make your decision.

At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring we offer quality hardwood finishing for customers in Swannanoa, AshevilleHendersonville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina!