Vinyl Flooring, Hendersonville, NC

If you haven’t looked at vinyl flooring lately, you should!

Vinyl Flooring in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Some of us remember the day when vinyl flooring wasn’t the most attractive or durable flooring option, although it was the most cost-effective product at the time. You could get rolled vinyl for far less than even carpet which made it popular even though it was far from fun to install. Fast forward a few decades and you might be surprised to learn that today’s vinyl flooring is an exemplary product, particularly the luxury vinyl tile and plank products.

One of the chief complaints of past vinyl flooring products is that they scratched quite easily. If you so much as moved a piece of furniture over them, they could tear. That is no longer the case as there are luxury vinyl flooring products that can handle just about anything. Another great thing about this new generation of vinyl flooring is it looks amazing. Here at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we are proud to have a wide variety that mimics wood, tile, stone and other flooring options. It is startlingly similar in appearance to the point that even home inspectors sometimes mistake it for wood flooring.

We welcome you to come see our displays and samples at our large showroom that is just a short drive from Hendersonville, North Carolina. Our talented design staff will help you select your vinyl flooring and walk you through the process of measuring and installation, so you’ll know what to expect. You can always count on excellent service and workmanship as that is what we’ve delivered for more than 35 years.





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