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Flooring InstallationIf you are planning on purchasing new hardwood flooring, you are likely wondering what to expect with a new flooring installation. Here is everything you will need to prepare for and know when having new hardwood flooring installed.

Before your flooring installation appointment, you will need to remove all furniture, pictures and paintings from the wall, as well as all window coverings from the room(s) that will be having new flooring installed. If there are some items on walls that would be terribly difficult to remove, you can cover them with an old sheet to keep them from getting dusty during your flooring installation.

The flooring installation itself will be pretty noisy, so be prepared for that if you will be home during the appointment. Once your new floors have been installed, you will need to stay off of them anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of flooring you selected.

After the finish has dried, be sure to put felt pads on the bottoms of your furniture so it will not scratch or dent the floor. It is also a good idea to not walk on your new floor with high heels, cleats, or any other hard shoe that can potentially scratch or dent the floor. Avoid placing rugs with rubber backs, so your floor will not become discolored. All of these things will help keep your new floor looking brand new.

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What To Expect With Your Hardwood Flooring Installation