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Carpet InstallationIf you’ve never had new carpet installed in your home before, you’re probably a little curious about what the process will entail. To give you a better feel for what will happen, here’s the general procedure that our team at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring follows when we work on carpet installation projects:

  • We rip out the old carpet in your home and prepare the surface of your flooring for the new carpet you picked out.
  • We bring the carpet that you ordered straight to your home. Then, we lay it out in all of the areas where it will go.
  • We take the time to cover up any vents or entryways near the carpet installation area, so any construction debris is better contained.
  • We accurately measure the new pieces of carpet and place them in the pre-designated area.
  • We take any leftover materials or scraps of carpet that we removed from the larger pieces away from your home, so you don’t have to hassle with the disposal process.

After we’re done installing your new carpet, we’ll go over the carpet installation process with you and let you walk around on the newly installed carpet. After that, you’re free to enjoy having beautiful new carpet in your home.

If you’re ready to pick out new carpet for your home, but don’t really know where to start, we can come to you! Our signature shop at home service gives you the ability to look at carpet samples and make a selection from the comfort of your very own home.