Vinyl FlooringIf your idea of vinyl flooring is that it is a budget friendly, basic type of flooring that rips easily and is difficult to care for, you need to take another look. There have been many advances made in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring that now make it a great choice to consider. It used to be that the only vinyl flooring option you had was about half a dozen styles that weren’t anything special. Now there are dozens of choices in rolled vinyl flooring, as well as new, innovative planks and tiles that are so well crafted, they are often chosen over the wood and ceramic tile products they mimic.

Luxury vinyl flooring choices are perfect for any room and offer a great solution if you desire a wood grain appearance in a room where hardwood or laminate is not recommended. Vinyl can handle wetter conditions, so your laundry room, bathroom and kitchen are no problem for this versatile product. This product is also an ideal choice if you want the look of ceramic tile but don’t like how cold it feels during the winter. Luxury vinyl flooring is warmer than tile, and it is also easier on the feet and back when you need to stand for longer periods, such as during meal preparation in your kitchen.

Another benefit of the newer vinyl flooring options is its durability. Many types have a protective coating that is very difficult to scratch or tear. It is also stain resistant. This makes it the perfect choice if you have an active household with children and pets.

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The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring