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Carpet InstallationWhen it comes to shopping for carpeting and arranging for carpet installation, there are a few questions you may have and also some you should ask the flooring company that you are considering. Some questions are a clarification about what you are receiving, while others ensure you fully understand what is involved in carpet installation. Here are a few questions you should ask:

  • What does the price include? Each flooring store advertises their prices in different ways. Some include new padding and/or carpet installation in the price you see on the showroom floor. Some list the price per square foot, while others list it per square yard. Be sure to ask what exactly is included and what things will come with an additional charge.
  • Do I need new padding? The padding under your carpet has gotten the same amount of use and abuse that the carpet received, so if your carpeting is worn out, your padding likely is also. The padding also holds dirt and stains, so if it is left in place rather than replaced, it will damage your new carpeting. It is almost always prudent to replace the padding at the same time as the carpeting to get the best life span from your new carpeting.
  • Is all padding the same? No, it is not. There are various price points when it comes to padding, and usually it is best to get the best quality you can fit into your budget. The better quality padding is not just better for your new carpeting, but it can also make a huge difference in comfort and enjoyment. There are also padding options for situations in which water resistance is needed.
  • Will you move the furniture? This is a question you need to ask because some companies will handle moving most or all of your furniture as part of their carpet installation service, but others will charge extra. There may also be charges if you have an excessive amount of furniture or something particularly difficult to move due to size or weight. Often they will expect you to move items of high value, such as pianos and electronics. It is best to know this information before your carpet installation date in case you need to hire someone else to handle part or the entire task.

At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we welcome your questions about our carpet installation services. We provide free quotes with no hidden charges or fees. We are happy to advise you about choosing the right padding and any preparations you need to make before your carpet installation appointment. We service customers in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas. Check out our current specials! When it comes to floors, you’ve got Wright’s. Come see us up on the hill!

Questions To Ask About Carpet Installation