Whether you are installing flooring in your new home or it is time to update your old flooring, you are sure to have an endless supply of flooring choices. At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we have a wide selection of flooring to choose from, and we understand that your options can be overwhelming. It is helpful to know what qualities you are looking for when selecting flooring for your home. Here are a few choices to consider.

  • Carpet — Carpet comes in many different types, styles, and colors. Carpet can help keep your home warm and prevent excessive noise as it is a soft and noise-resistant material.
  • Ceramic Tile — Ceramic tile is a durable material that is great for easy clean up and heavy foot traffic. Ceramic tile may be a good option for a low-maintenance flooring.
  • Vinyl — Vinyl flooring is water- resistant, scratch-resistant, and affordable. If you love the look of wood flooring, but are worried about the maintenance of having wood flooring, vinyl is a great option for you.
  • Hardwood — Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and classic type of flooring. If you want to add style and warmth to your home, hardwood flooring is fantastic choice.

If you own a home or business in North Carolina and need new flooring, consider calling our team at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring today! We have a large showroom with an endless supply of flooring choices to look through and we can do in-store or at-home appointments just for you.