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Custom Area Rugs

When you first start shopping for custom area rugs, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices and decisions to be made. Consulting the professionals at a local flooring specialist can help you get custom area rugs that you will continue to love for years to come. Here at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we have one of the largest showrooms and displays of custom area rugs and other flooring options in the area.

One of the most important factors to consider is the room and purpose for which you are purchasing rugs. Here are some of the options to consider:

  • Runners are a great choice for hallway rugs. Leave six inches of clearance on all sides of the rug and make sure you use carpet tape to prevent slipping.
  • Entryway rugs make a first statement about your home and keep the rest of your flooring cleaner.
  • Bedroom rugs can create a focal point or provide a soft area next to a bed.
  • Rugs in the kitchen can make your work space more comfortable.
  • Rugs in the dining room should be at least two feet wider than the table on all sides so that the chairs fit even when they are in use.
  • Living room rugs are one of the most popular area rugs. Choose low pile rugs for high traffic areas and high pile rugs for comfortable sitting spaces.

Knowing which room you are buying custom area rugs for is just the first step in the rug selection process. Then you must consider shape, color, pattern, pile, and fiber type. Don’t feel overwhelmed! Instead, call us at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring today and let us help you pick the perfect new custom area rugs for your home.