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Carpet InstallationWe want your carpet installation to be as pleasant an experience as possible.  After all, you have already worked hard selecting new flooring for your home to enjoy for years to come.

One of the most important things you can do to protect this investment is to have the carpet installed professionally.   A professional carpet installation can be a breeze, but it is important to keep several things in mind.

  • Before installation day, you should prepare for your carpet installation by moving furniture and objects out of the area where carpet will be installed.  If your installers are moving furniture for you, you should clear any objects off of the furniture.  Also, consider your doors and whether the thickness of the carpet may prevent them from swinging freely after the install.  Finally, have a cleanup plan in place for old carpet and scraps.
  • On installation day, plan on being at your home to answer questions and verify correct installation.  Because of hazardous tools, it is better for children and pets to not be in the installation area.
  • After installation, plan on ventilating the area for 48-72 hours.  You may notice shedding of the new carpet, which is normal.  Plan on vacuuming loose fibers frequently at first.  If small tufts or loops appear, you can trim them flush with the surface of the carpet.  If ripples or wrinkles appear, you should to contact your carpet installers to discuss re-stretching.

When you are selecting carpet for your home, you should be aware that low pile and looped carpets are more likely to show seams after installation.  We will do everything we can to minimize the appearance of these seams.  If you select a carpet with a distinct pattern, it may also be necessary to use extra carpet to match the pattern at the seams.