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Custom Vinyl FlooringIf you are looking for something different, unique, affordable and durable in your kitchen or bathroom, custom vinyl flooring may be a great option.  Vinyl flooring has come a long way.  There are so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from these days.  You can get vinyl that looks like hardwood, ceramic tiles or stone.  You can even get slate or leather patterns.  But custom vinyl flooring printing allows you to have anything your imagination can dream up printed and laid down in your kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl flooring is made up of four layers:

  • A top layer of urethane which protects the floor
  • A clear vinyl layer which provides additional protection and stability
  • A printed design layer
  • A backing of felt or fiberglass

Caring for your new vinyl floors will be a cinch.  If you have any spills, make sure to clean them up quickly.  Sweep or vacuum regularly and occasionally use a damp mop.  Glossy vinyl options will appreciate an occasional coat of polish.  You will never have to wax or buff your floors.  In fact, doing so could harm your vinyl.

Custom vinyl flooring is available in 3 basic types – sheets, tiles (some are even available with grout to mimic ceramic or stone tiles), and planks (to mimic wood flooring).  This flooring can be installed on almost any surface that is clean, dry and flat, but for best results, it should be installed over plywood.  No matter what pattern of custom vinyl flooring you choose, you will rest easy knowing that it is stain resistant, scratch resistant and fade resistant.