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Hardwood SandingSome people purposely choose hardwood floors because they love the look they get over time. You know, that lived in, distressed, dents and scratches, kind of look that adds character and charm. However, not everyone feels this way and it can reach a point where it is more unsightly than charming. If you have wanted to replace your hardwood flooring, but are not ready to endure the cost involved, you may want to check into hardwood sanding.

Hardwood sanding is a process that removes most damage by stripping off a thin layer of the hardwood flooring then refinishing it to bring it new life. Most quality hardwood flooring can undergo hardwood sanding and finishing a number of times before it needs to be replaced because only a paper thin layer is removed each time. Another benefit of hardwood sanding is that if you do a full refinishing and the original wood has been stained, this layer of color may be stripped off and you can then have it stained another shade if you wish. In fact, some homeowners choose to do hardwood sanding for this very purpose. It is far less costly to do hardwood sanding than to replace the flooring with a quality hardwood.

Keep in mind that not all hardwood floors can be rejuvenated or transformed with hardwood sanding. An engineered hardwood with a minimal top layer, in other words a budget hardwood product, may not be able to survive hardwood sanding. It would instead leave you with the cheaper wood underneath, which is not desirable.

If you would like to know if your floor could benefit from hardwood sanding, give us a call at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring up on the hill in Swannanoa, North Carolina. We’ll be glad to come out and look at your floors and give you a quote for hardwood sanding if it is a feasible solution, or show you samples for new flooring if it is not. Our Shop at Home service is also available for any flooring we sell.