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Custom Hardwood FlooringDid you know that two homes can look entirely different using the same exact hardwood flooring? This is true because the installation process can produce different results. Amazing results can be attained with custom hardwood flooring installation that includes such things as using borders of a different wood species or shade, putting boards on a diagonal, and/or using another technique to get a distinctive visual effect.

The installation quality itself can also make a big difference. The number one reason for dissatisfaction regarding custom hardwood flooring is improper installation. For example, not leaving enough space or too much space for the wood to expand and contract with the seasons and differing humidity levels can create an undesirable result. Another mistake is not letting the materials properly acclimate to the home prior to the custom hardwood flooring installation.

In addition to getting a unique look from the installation, there are also specialty materials out there you can get through a provider of custom hardwood flooring. While many places won’t keep the exotic woods in stock, you can usually easily order them. You can also get unfinished custom hardwood flooring so that you can have it stained the exact shade you desire for a unique result.

When you shop for hardwood, it pays to keep in mind that there is more than what you are seeing in a showroom, so always ask about your custom hardwood flooring options. You may be able to get a much more unique result than you think and often not for much more in terms of cost.

At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we offer you a wide selection of custom hardwood flooring and specialized installation techniques. We also offer Shop at Home services if this is what you’d prefer. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.