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Carpeting is often chosen for rooms where children play because it is soft underfoot, cushions for those occasional falls, is comfortable for a child playing or crawling, and provides sound deadening so rambunctious play is not so easily heard in the room below or adjacent. It is not without its drawbacks, however, but most of them can be mitigated by choosing the right carpeting for the child’s room.

One of the things to consider is stain resistance and that aspect has improved drastically in recent years. Consider carpeting that has the resistance built into the fibers during construction rather than sprayed on afterward for a long-lasting result that holds up to steam cleaning. Since children’s rooms need to be cleaned more often, this can make a huge difference. Another option, which is fairly new to the market, is waterproof carpeting. It won’t soak up spills and other accidents, so it is not only great for a child’s room but households with pets.

As an alternative or as a second layer of protection, consider asking for special padding that protects your underlayment should a spill occur. It has a waterproof backing that will make it easier to clean up accidents.

There are several fun and exciting carpeting options that will appeal to your children. Think bold colors, unique patterns, and fun textures, and your child’s room will be everything they’d like it to be. Putting all these benefits together takes a bit of research, but that is easily accomplished by working with a carpeting professional that understands the challenges that children and pets present. You’ll find that type of support here at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring with a large showroom of samples, so stop by today.