CarpetIf you haven’t been to a carpet showroom lately, you may not have noticed that there have been quite a few changes in recent years. It isn’t just a matter of carpet fiber improvements, although that’s pretty exciting, too. These improvements include highly stain resistant carpeting, carpet from recycled products, cut and loop carpet, and even waterproof carpet.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice is that texture is trending, and you will find plenty of fun textures and designs that can quickly transform a room and give it a lot of character. The most popular single-color carpet is in the realm of cool, subdued blues and grays; however, you will find plenty of bright, bold colors and multicolor patterns and designs. Don’t be surprised to see everything from orange to purple in and ombre affect carpet.

The fun thing to know is that there is a lot going on in the carpet industry and that means shopping for carpeting is a lot of fun. Nothing quite beats the softness underfoot of carpeting, so despite other flooring options rising in popularity, carpet is still a favorite.

The best way to experience all that carpet has to offer and select one that fits your home’s décor, lifestyle, budget, and personal taste is to head to a carpet showroom. Here at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, you’ll not only find a wide selection of great carpeting, but you’ll also have the services of our attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly staff that is ready to answer all your questions about features and care of your new carpet. You can also call us to arrange an in-home consultation.