Carpet TexturesIt can be frustrating when setting up a new office to get the décor just right and get the right combination of durability and beauty in your carpeting choice, but thankfully there is a product that fits the bill quite well. Newer advances in carpet textures mean you no longer have to choose between these two features.

The typical commercial-grade carpet choices were rather ordinary in order to get the durability to stand up to heavy foot traffic in a busy office. If you went with something more stylish, you had to prepare yourself to have it replaced sooner. The carpet textures now available are both stylish and durable.

One example of carpet textures that might be perfect for your new office is a texture-on-texture product. Other carpet textures offer unique designs woven into the product. Another option for luxury is carpet tiles, which are available in various carpet textures.

The best thing to do is arrange a consultation with a carpet textures design expert at our showroom. At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, we have a staff that knows how to find the right combination of function and beauty to make your new office exceptional. We are also available for an in-office consultation, during which we can bring some samples of carpet textures for you to review. We offer this service to homeowners and business people in Asheville, NC. Check out our current specials! When it comes to floors, you’ve got Wright’s. Come see us up on the hill!

Carpet Textures For Offices