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Hardwood floors add value to your home.  They are elegant and beautiful.  Hardwood floors help to keep dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens out of your home.   Even though you try to keep your hardwood floor in pristine condition, sometimes it still loses its shine.  Whether due to old age, overuse or an unexpected disaster, hardwood floor refinishing can restore your hardwood floor to its former glory.

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Depending on the age, condition and finish of your floor, hardwood floor refinishing will involve several different steps.  Floors installed prior to 1942 were treated with natural shellacs, varnishes, lacquers or waxes mixed with oils.  After 1942, the most common finish became polyurethane.

If your floor seems just a little dull, it may only need another coat of polyurethane.  However, if your floor is scratched, dented or has ever been waxed, it will have to be sanded down until it is smooth, so the finish can adhere to the wood.

Once it has been sanded, you can choose what kind of finish you want. The three main types of finishes used today are polyurethane, varnish and sealer.  Polyurethane is oil- or water-based, provides a hard finish, and is beneficial for areas that are used frequently.  However, if it gets damaged, it is harder to repair.  Varnish can have either a matte or glossy finish and is easy to spot-repair in case of damage.  A penetrating sealer brings out the grain of the wood and looks more natural.  It tends to darken with age and is the easiest of the three finishes to repair.

At Wright’s Carpet and Flooring, hardwood floor refinishing is one of our specialties.  If you find that your floor has lost its shine, contact us, and we will be glad to help restore its luster and bring beauty back to your home.