Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you are thinking of putting in new floors, then you have a wealth of options to choose from. While you may be drawn to the classic beauty of hardwood or the classic elegance of stone, you may not have room in your budget to add these high-end materials to your home. Fortunately, you can get the same high-end look for a price you can afford with luxury vinyl tile. To help you decide if this option is right for you, in this article our team at Wright’s Carpet and Tile will go over some of its main advantages:

luxury vinyl tile flooring can be manufactured to mimic the look of any other material

  • Compared to other flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely durable. Originally designed to hold up to the pressures of a commercial environment, this flooring material can definitely resist the foot traffic and other stresses of your home. In addition, vinyl flooring is impervious to water and termite damage, meaning you won’t have to worry about these other common sources of damage.
  • Low Maintenance. Another reason that we at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring recommend luxury vinyl flooring is that it requires very little maintenance. Not only is it extremely scratch resistant and impervious to stains, but any marks that do appear can be easily buffed away. Instead of needing to polish it regularly like a hardwood floor, all your luxury vinyl tile floor needs is a quick pass with a damp mop to stay clean and beautiful.
  • Design Flexibility. The last advantage of luxury vinyl tile flooring that we’ll go over here is its incredible design flexibility. As we alluded to above, luxury vinyl tile flooring can be manufactured to mimic the look of any other material, including hardwood, stone, and ceramic. Any look that you’re trying to achieve for your space, luxury vinyl tile flooring can help you achieve. Our team at Wright’s Carpet and Flooring can help you select the perfect vinyl flooring option to compete your design vision.